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Seeds are the building blocks for almost all the plant life on Earth. They are not only great for the environment, they’re packed with healthy nutrients, proteins, and vitamins.

As a nutritional super food, sunflower seeds have the power to nourish our bodies and bridge the gap between vegans, vegetarians, and those that still love a juicy steak. Why? Because as a significant source of protein and an excellent source of niacin, folic-acid, iron, and zinc, they provide more fiber per ounce than most nuts!

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Each month, the Craft Seed Club delivers the tastiest flavored sunflower seeds straight to your door. Besides satisfying your need for a great on-the-go or at-home snack, sunflower seeds are also extremely beneficial for your health.

Sunflower seeds provide the building blocks for strengthening bones, reducing muscle tension, detoxifying the body, lowering blood pressure, and reducing cholesterol, and they may even reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke—just to name a few!

Signing up for the Craft Seed Club is not only a healthy snacking habit, it’s good for your overall health!

The Craft Seed Club brews exceptionally-flavored seeds and every selection is produced by hand with great care. We’ll send them to your home, your office, or even to a friend or a family member.

Join the Craft Seed Club today and have I-B8’s delicious sunflower seeds delivered wherever you may live or travel. Get your I-B8 seeds today!

Each Monthly Shipment Includes


5 oz. Reusable Bottles
5 Mix and Match Flavors
1 Flavor of the Month


The story behind the different flavors and how we came up with the crazy idea in the first place!


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