The Hot and Spicy Quartet

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Let’s put it this way: these aren’t your grandpa’s sunflower seeds. 

Forget about those flavorless, chemical-flavored seeds you’re used to.

Here at Interstate Bait, we make the absolute highest quality, tastiest sunflower seeds you’ve ever experienced.

Ours are hand-crafted with care – in small batches. And this means that they’re roasted with the same attention and focus that you’d use to make a prized family recipe in your own kitchen – adding real, honest seasonings to coax out complex flavors you didn’t even know were possible.

So yeah. They’re sunflower seeds.

But they’re like no sunflower seeds you’ve ever tasted.

Get yours today.

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The hot and spicy quartet

If you are a fan of spicy foods, and find that most products today don’t actually come close to actually being as spicy as the package states, then you are in luck with this Spicy quartet.

We have created each flavor with different types of heat, from the mildly spicy Salty Pepper, to the wildly hot Smoked Jalapeno, you are sure to find your comfort zone with this set up.

The Hot and Spicy Quartet pack includes the following flavors for your enjoyment…and you get a nice little discount to make it easier to click the Add to Cart button.

Salty Pepper

Our more traditional seed flavor, sure to please those that are a little more timid towards their seasoning preference, but want a bit of a spicy kick…A good place to start the flavor experiment.

Bloody Mary

Our version of the classic Bloody Mary.  Just the right amounts of tomato, celery salt, and spices.  Each bottle is infused with nice spicy finish from a careful combination of hot red pepper seasoning, and a delightfully bright touch of horseradish.  Not your average sunflower seed flavor, and that is a good thing.

Smoked Jalapeno

An incredible blend of some pretty damn fantastic spices gives this spicy treat a nice smoky flavor.  The heat is definitely there, so tread lightly and keep some milk handy.

Blue Buffalo

One of our most popular flavors, now renamed Blue Buffalo.  Think buffalo wings, with a nice spicy kick that is cooled down with a generous helping of blue cheese.  You will be craving more.



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