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At Interstate Bait, we are always looking for motivated, fun, outgoing Brand Ambassadors who embrace an outdoor, seed-eating lifestyle, and are fans of our products. If you love our flavored sunflower and hemp seeds, come join our team of Brand Ambassadors to spread the word! We are looking for 5-10 individuals in each of our glorious 50 states. Interstate Bait’s Brand Ambassadors are the face of the brand at various field marketing events including participation festivals, farmer’s markets, trade-shows, and in-store sampling demos. Prior experience in marketing/communication or brand ambassador programs is strongly preferred, but not required. We are looking for people that love our products, and are not afraid to share! If you are game, or just wonder what the heck we are trying to do here, please fill out the form below or reach out to via email.

Key Responsibilities and Requirements of a Brand Ambassador

  • Participation in marketing events (festivals, trade shows and farmers markets), relevant to the brand

    • Coordination with Interstate Bait Marketing Manager on schedule for the event

    • Educate consumers on our line of high quality, small batch seeds and snacks.

    • Share feedback and data (estimation of attendance, number of samples, prospects’ feedback on product, etc.) to help optimize future participation at similar events

  • Organization and hosting of in-store retail demos

    • Coordination with store managers and Field Marketing Manager on schedules, product levels, and demo guidelines

    • Create a unique customer experience to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty

    • Capture demo results by timely reporting all pertinent info into our demo tracking form

  • Maintain relationships with existing sales accounts through POS placement and store merchandising

  • Seed and develop relationships with market influencers, ultimately leading to increased brand visibility

  • May participate in strategic coordination and execution of sampling initiatives, reaching consumers where they live, work, play, and shop

  • Communication of success stories, key learnings, and other activities to Interstate Bait

  • Educate consumers on the Interstate Bait line of products, benefits, and competitive advantage

  • Manage social media profiles within Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat

  • Generate product sales to drive growth

  • Must be 16 years of age or older



  • Free 12 case starter kit

  • Real world business experience in:

    • Social Media branding and recognition

    • Commercial sales strategies

    • Customer sales and support

    • E-commerce operations

    • Marketing tactics

  • Develop a huge network of awesome new friends across the world

Apply Here
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